Smarter Blending Cup

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Whirl Cup stems from Idea that protein blender bottle industry needs something new, fresh, original and creative other than whisk ball and its imitation. Whirl cup uses simplest formula "Torque" of physics and mechanics to achieve lump free blending of protein anywhere anytime without the use of shaking, batteries or electricity.

Who We Are

Whirl Cup is the product of 11 years of hard work and continuous support of the CEO of Twister Cup Inc. Whirl cup is an idea that has failed and improved many times before it reached any customers’ hands. And it’s still in process of improvement. It has been built and designed by numerous prototypes and infinite corrections. It became reality because of lots of good-hearted individuals’ suggestions and help. We sincerely thank all people involved in the development and execution of Whirl Cup.

Basic Concept or Science

Torque Formula

As per the Torque formula, less force requires or more rotational movements can be achieved by applying force at a longer linear distance. So basically when we rotate the agitator attached to the central gear (sun gear) using an oval handle with a finger it creates lots of rotational energy which helps to create a vortex. Simple mechanics and physics have been at work with Whirl Cup.



We have used “reverse planetary gear system. In fact as per patent we may have invented that term”. Our gear system converts one rotation of ring gear attached to the oval handle to 5 rotations of the agitator. So basically you blend 1 time and the cup mechanism blends 5 times. This way it creates a tremendous vortex and uniform blending within a few seconds of use.


This agitator has been invented by trying to blend 50 different protein powders from retail stores. This agitator has a window paddle that scoops up powder from the bottom and blends into the vortex created by coiled blends. Two Coiled blades create a vortex that continuously mixes powder scoped by a window paddle. The idea of this agitator has been inspired by pharmaceutical blenders which do have a very similar mechanism. In many senses, this blender became a small replica of the “ribbon blender” which is widely used in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical world to mix powders and make granules. This mechanism also helps to blend hard-to-mix powders like pea protein and other vegetable-based protein easily and efficiently even in the least amount of liquid.

How does Whirl Cup Work?

Before using the Whirl Cup, nutritional supplements are placed into the cup along with the base liquid to be consumed. Agitator is attached or screwed into sun gear of lid, placing the stirrer in contacts with sun gears. The lid is then screwed into the cup body. Rotating ring gear by oval handle using finger rotates the ring gear and causes the planet gears to rotate sun gear. As sun gear is far smaller it rotates faster than ring gears and planet gears. The rotation of the ring gear causes the planet gears to rotate and thereby causing rotation of sun gears and agitator device. As the agitator device rotates, the contents within the cup are stirred and mixed together. The user may continue rotating ring gears until he or she is satisfied with the nutritional beverage. To remove or replace the stirrer device, a user is only required to unscrew the lid.

Future use:

This is a discovery of reverse planetary gear system. It can be used to make salad chopper, milk frother, coffee mug, baby formulae blender and many more.