Your Real Smarter Blender Bottle

No Whisk Ball, No Spring Ball, No Jaxx, No imitation of Spring Ball, No Plug, No Battries
Just a uniform blending
Anywhere Any time

US Utility Patent # 2017/0274332 A1

How It Works

Simple ! Add your choice of beverage or water with powder (may be protein) and rotate agitator using finger with oval handle. One rotation results in 5 powerful rotation of agitator. Our Whirl Cup uses advantage of gear and converts torque from human muscle of finger to powerful vortex.


Whirl Cup Has Actual Agitator Which Rotates And Mixes Thoroughly Every Part of Mixture. It Is Actually Small Version Of Pharmaceutical Blender.


Whirl Cup Does Not Use Electricity So You Can Use At Anywhere Any Time. Camping, Driving, Office, Travelling ! Anywhere You Can Imagine.


What Happened To Innovation ? Some Of The Biggest Companies In Water Bottle Simply Imitating Whisk Ball While Whirl Cup Is Original, Creative & Innovative. It Has Won US Utility Patent!


Whirl Cup Is Environmentally Friendly. It Does Not Require Batteries. So No Lithium, No Nickel Or No Aluminum Leaching Into Earth !


Everyone Is Imitation Whisk Ball. While Whirl Cup Is Fresh, Creative And Original ! Absolutely No Imitation !


Our Cups Are Made In USA At Pennsylvania. Its BPA Free And Made Of Durable ABS Plastics Which Can Last Forever

Minimal & Smart Design

  • 900 ml / 30 oz
Whirl Cup is product 11 years of hard work and continuous support of CEO of Twister Cup Inc. Whirl cup is an idea which has failed and improved many times before it reached to any customers’ hand. And it’s still in process of improvement. It has been build and designed by numerous prototypes and infinite corrections. It became reality because of lots good hearted individual’s suggestions and help. We sincerely thank you all people involved in development and execution of Whirl Cup.

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